Benchill Primary School

Benchill Road, Manchester, M22 8EJ

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Values & Ethos 





A safe and happy school which creates a sense of pride and respectful relationships for all.

We are a school with high expectations which provides quality learning experiences for all.

A school where everyone is included, at the heart of the community.





What makes Benchill Primary School distinctive?

Our reputation is deservedly a school committed to excellence.

The school values are tangible and clearly understood by all stakeholders.

Our international and career thread creates an excellent provision.


1.High Quality Teaching and Learning

The Benchill Primary School model defines the framework for high quality teaching and learning across our school.

Children confidently develop skills for life such as problem solving, working in teams, creative thinking and independence.

Attainment and/or progress is broadly in line with national expectations for all children, considering their starting points.


What does this mean?

Children are confident and curious learners who have a ‘can-do’ attitude which prepares them well for their futures. Staff share a common language for excellent learning and this is evidenced across the school.


2. A Leadership Culture

Children are empowered to take leadership roles, especially through the School Council, House system and various groups.

A collaborative leadership community, driven by the Senior Team and Middle Leaders, where creative ideas are shared - contributing towards the school's vision.

Professional development for all staff is responsive to need and shares best practice through collaborative training networks.


What does this mean?

Children and staff feel empowered to take leadership roles and are well supported in these roles, enabling individuals to make a difference to their school and to the community.


3. Personalised Support and Guidance

High quality mentoring provides personalised support for children's learning.

Peer mentoring promotes social cohesion across the school.

The curriculum offers well-tailored learning pathways which provide good progression.


What does this mean?

All children feel know in the school community and there is a close understanding of the needs of each individual which leads to appropriate support and high levels of achievement and progress.


4. An Outward-Facing Learning Community

Outreach work ensures the best of science, arts, sports and enterprise provision is available to students both in and outside of the school.

An understanding of different cultures and faiths promotes tolerance and respect.


What does this mean?

Children have a wide choice of excellent enrichment and extra-curricular provision which increases their aspirations. They are tolerant of difference and respectful of each other and their community. Our children are proud of their school.


The Benchill Primary School model

Adults and children work together to put our values into practice through:




Enthusiasm for learning

Respectful relationships

Clear objectives


Clear routines and no wasted learning time

Opportunities to learn independently and in teams

Effective participation by everyone

Constant consideration for safety and protection from harm for all





Challenge: so that . . .  children have high expectations of what they can achieve

Explanations: so that . . . children know how to apply the knowledge and skills.

Modelling: so that . . . children know how to apply the knowledge and skills

Practicing:  so that . . . children achieve automaticity, fluency and stretch their ability

Questioning:  so that . . . children are made to think hard with breadth, depth and accuracy

Feedback: so that . . . children think about and further develop their knowledge and skills