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PE Life Skills Award

We are excited to be introducing the PE Like Skills Award at school from September 2023. 

The PE Life Skills Award, developed in partnership with the Youth Sports Trust, is an accreditation programme that provides schools with a framework to recognise and reward the development of essential life skills in and through PE.

By underpinning PE with a framework that recognises and rewards their behaviours, pupils stand to gain awareness, knowledge and understanding of its importance to their wider wellbeing and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Pupils reflect on their experiences in PE and as they progress, these reflections are assessed against the PE Life Skills Award framework, allowing teachers to gain an insight into their level of comprehension about the four elements within the programme; emotional, thinking, physical and social literacy.

Learners record these reflections in a journal, demonstrating their progression and ultimately receiving an accredited award in recognition of their skills and abilities.

As a school, we will be encouraging parents and carers to actively engage and get involved with the programme. At the end of every half term, there will be a celebration assembly to recognise the achievements of children through this programme. We will also have a display board in school to celebrate successes and display certificates.


Below is an overview of the PE curriculum for this academic year: