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Welcome to 2R!

In 2R this half term, we have been SUPER busy!

In maths we have been completing our 2, 5 and 10 times tables - answering 60 questions in 3 minutes!!! We have also been looking at multiplication and division stories and the children understand the reverse operation.

We have now moved onto odd and even numbers and the children are discussing how they know a number is either odd or even.

In science, we have continued looking at animals including humans. The children have looked at healthy foods and even collected data independently to fill in a bar chart for "Favourite Fruit." This was a tricky challenge but ALL children managed it and made Miss Riley really proud.

In geography we have been looking at Great Britain, local landscapes and its surroundings. The children have really enjoyed this topic. Last week, the children wrote a report about Wales. I was really pleased with the outcome and progress. What an astonishing effort Year 2!

Keep up the hard work, I am really proud of you all!

Miss Riley. 


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