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UNICEF Rights Respecting

At Benchill we have become committed to ensuring all children grow up to
understand their rights so that they can not only be happy, but be safe and
compassionate people in our society.

The rights of the child
The rights of the child were agreed and adopted by the United Nations in
November 1989, 194 countries have signed the United Nations Convention on
the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), with only 2 countries left to ratify.
The UNCRC is a legally binding international agreement setting out the civil,
political, economic, social and cultural rights of every child, regardless of their
race, religion or abilities.


Rights Respecting Schools Award.
UNICEF have set up a Rights Respecting schools award and aim to get as many
schools as they can teaching children about their rights. In 2017 we were
successful in becoming a Level 2 'Silver' Rights Respecting school.

Rights Respecting Pupil Parliament
Recently, we have been lucky enough to be invited to join 13 other Rights
Respecting schools from across Greater Manchester set up a Rights Respecting
Pupil Parliament. On January 28th 2019 all 14 schools came together to launch
our first ever Rights Respecting Pupil Parliament event.

Some of our Year 5 pupils, along with Year 5 pupils from the other schools
involved, attended MEA to discuss and debate the Global Goals we thought were
most important. We were joined by guest speakers including Councillor Luthfur
Rahem and our MP Mike Kane who told our pupils all about Parliament and
campaigning. After discussion and an electronic vote we voted the top 5 Global
Goals to be:

1. Zero Poverty

2. Gender Equality

3. Good Health & Wellbeing

4. Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

5. Climate Action

Pupil Parliament Official Video.mp4
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