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Benchill Primary School's Chair of Governors is Mr J McKie. If you have any questions about governance at Benchill Primary School please email chairofgovernors@benchill.manchester.sch.uk

Governors are expected to give their opinion on a range of issues relating to school but they do not get in involved in the day to day operational management of the school.  Parent and Staff Governors are elected and any vacancies will be advertised in school.  In addition anybody who is interested in becoming a Governor can contact the Headteacher. Governors serve for a fixed term unless they choose to resign in that period.

Governors are not expected to have highly specialised knowledge. There is training available to Governors throughout the year on a range of issues. Some of this training is provided in-house other training is provided by the local authority. 

Upcoming Governors' meetings are:

Standards Committee 10th January 2018

Resources Committee - 24th January 2018

Full Governors 7th February 2018

Standards Committee - 18th April 2018

Resources Committee - 2nd May 2018

Full Governors - 13th June 2018

Standards Committee - 18th July 2018

If you have anything you wish to discuss with the Governors please email chairofgovernors@benchill.manchester.sch.uk or write to the Chair Of Governors (care of the school).

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